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Saturday, December 23, 2017


We're gearing up for the Holidays over here.  I'm thinking of taking Isla to see this cool Santa.  And now that Isla is getting older we're thinking of starting some holiday traditions.  Maybe we will go see Christmas lights or bake sugar cookies.  Do you have any holiday traditions with kids?  I'd love to hear!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and traditions and here are a few fun links.

The prettiest starry nails.

We got Isla this pint sized table and chairs for Christmas.

The best red booties for the holidays.

If you need a NYE dress you have to check out THEEGIRL.  Isla and I did a shoot for them and I got to wear this fab dress.

The cutest instagram account ever.

We made this one-pot Mexican casserole and it was reeeally good!

A brave and powerful Me Too story.

I Tried the "Naked" Trend

Monday, December 11, 2017

There's been a new and exciting trend that's been all over my Instagram feed.  Women are wearing visible, pretty bras under sheer tops which has been appropriately dubbed the "Naked" trend.  As a somewhat conservative mom I wasn't sure this one was a suitable look for me.  However, I decided to give it a try because my favorite sheer blouse just doesn't look as good over a tank. I layered my feminine blouse and my go-to Upbra Stay-up Strapless Bra and went out on the town.  To my great relief, no one, from passerbys to baristas, looked twice at my completely see-through outfit choice.  It helped to have a bra that provides coverage and that is comfortable for everyday wear, yet sexy enough to be worn with low-cut tees, dresses, and ahem...sheer tops.  And with a hidden built-in lift system that gives adjustable lift and cleavage with a pull, I can say I rocked this trend with confidence. Would you ever try the "Naked" trend? I would love to hear in the comments!

{Bra: Upbra, sheer shirt: ASTR: jeans: similar here, bag: Rebecca Minkoff}

{Bra: Upbra, sheer shirt: ASTR: jeans: similar here, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, booties: Rag and Bone}

This post was sponsored by Upbra.  Photography by Victoria Masai Photography.

2 Day-to-Night Outfits

Thursday, November 2, 2017

With a full time job and a toddler who requires a lot of attention, one thing I find myself lacking these days is time. At the end of a long day, there is nothing that sounds less appealing to me than having to spend hours getting ready for an event -whether it's a work event or a date night. Thankfully, I have found 2 gorgeous pieces from Tobi that allow me to get ready in no time: a little make up refresher, and done. You read that right! These outfits go from day to night without a single change -no new shoes or jacket needed.

Dress: Tobi, Booties: Jeffrey Campbell {sold out} Similar, Hat: Brixton, Leather jacket: All Saints

This fall floral dress can go from day to night in a cinch. This look was made for weekend brunches that run into date nights.  The dress makes it fancy enough for dinner and the boots and/or a leather jacket makes it feel casual enough for the day time. You can even go super casual and wear it at the pool!

Top: Tobi, Jeans: SJC, Mules: Madewell {sold out} Similar

I have worn this off the shoulder top on repeat, at work and on more formal occasions.  I've worn it to blogger events, a baby shower, and to dinner at Mozza (our favorite date spot).  The stripes and poplin material feel so fresh and the OTS sleeves give it a dressier edge. You can dress it up or down with a business pant or jeans. 

Do you have outfits you love that fit both daytime business, work events, and night time romance?

Photos by Victoria Masai Photography

Cute Affordable Rompers

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Warm weather is slowly slipping away (yes, even in California) and while I'm excited for fall, I'm going to miss beach days, enjoying cool watermelon and dressing Isla in rompers.  Rompers are my favorite type of baby clothing. They are comfy, easy for Isla to run around the playground in and are so stinking cute.  Plus they show off her cute baby arms and legs.  

Lately I've been noticing a trend for knit kids clothing.  Knit pieces have a nostalgic-vintage vibe to them and they have the sweetest details. I was so excited when I found these cute knit rompers from PatPat.  They are perfect for the transition to fall and winter and will be adorable styled over tights or paired with a cardigan when the weather gets colder. The best part is they are really affordable and the quality is nice for the price. Not to mention how fun is this mommy and me outfit?! What's your favorite kind of kids clothing? I would love to hear! 

 Pat Pat is giving my readers 12% off at  Use code Tamara12 at checkout.

 P.s. They have the cutest little i
nstagram feed which you can follow here if you like. 

Seeing Stars

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I've been noticing the dreamiest trend lately of pretty star prints.  I love how delicate and whimsical this print can feel.  I've been wearing this romper by Tobi paired with this fiddler hat.  What do you think of the trend? Would you wear it?

Here are a few of my favorite starry prints for fall.

Photos by Victoria Masai Photography

Isla's First Fiesta

Monday, August 14, 2017

And just like that Isla turned one.  The year went by so quickly!  I'd never thought I'd say this in the thick of the first few months but I have enjoyed each and every day with our funny, sweet girl. Her personality shines brighter and she has become increasingly independent. She is starting to say a few words and loves to sing. We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy, sometimes tantrum-y baby girl and I can't wait to experience the adventures this next year will bring. 

We celebrated with a fiesta with close family and friends.  Below are some photos if you'd like to see.

{Our lovely friend Emily took all the photos}

{Cactus cupcakes complete with donut holed in the center}

{Apparently Isla is not a fan of cake!}

Sustainable Fashion

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I love fashion and know I'll want to buy new trends, but since having Isla, I've been thinking about my carbon footprint lately and the future world she will be growing up in.  Fast fashion can be wasteful, so I have made efforts to build a longer lasting minimalistic capsule wardrobe.  I love this idea of sustainable fashion (a philosophy and trend which enables us to indefinitely minimize human impact on the environment and create social responsibility).

Have you heard of sustainable fashion? Here are some of my favorite pieces that are environmentally conscious. 


Links I Like

Monday, June 19, 2017

This week it was Isla's first birthday! I can't believe our baby has become a toddler.  It is truly bittersweet.  I hope everyone is having an awesome week and here are a few links from around the web that I think you'll enjoy.

These skin care products are inexpensive and have ALL the good stuff

Yay or nay on this shoe trend

I'm loving this home decor DIY

We made one of these balloon arches for Isla's bday, here is the tutorial

I would love to rock this dress all summer long

Fascinating post on why you should not volunteer at an orphanage

Kauai Babymoon - The Top 12 Things To Do In Kauai When You're (26 weeks) Pregnant.

Monday, June 12, 2017

When we booked our babymoon for Kauai, I was thrilled. Babymoon! Hawaii! But then it dawned on me, what if there is nothing for us to do in Kauai when I'm 6 months pregnant.  So, as I traded in my Mai Tai for a virgin Pina Colada, I planned for a fun vacation - and it didn't disappoint. Follow our itinerary to see what to do in Kauia when you're pregnant.

Do what we do best when pregnant, eat!

{Jon's tuna tar tar}

If you want a fancy dinner this place is modern and delicious.  It's a little pricey but was one of our favorite dinners of the trip.  Jon ordered their 50 dollar burger (of course he did). It was made with wagyu beef and topped with foie gras, lobster, truffles and gold flake aioli.

{view from Country Kitchen}

This was an awesome breakfast spot in the little town nearby.  The portions are huge and it's so delicious that it's hard to stop eating.  Casual atmosphere and good prices.

We loved this place so much that we actually went there twice.  I know what you're thinking: Italian in Hawaii? But it is quaint and cozy, it has the friendliest staff, and showboats the best lasagna I've ever had, EVER. It's owned by a couple who moved here from Seattle.  You can taste the passion they have in their food.  Really lovely.

4. Pat's Taqueria Truck 
Eat like a local.  This food truck is parked on the beach and not many tourists are around.  It's fun for a cheap lunch on the go.

5. JoJo's Shaved Ice
Maybe it was because I was pregnant but this shaved ice was sooo good, I think we went almost every day.  Make sure to ask for a scoop of mac nut ice cream and snow cap (sweetened condensed milk) to make it extra delicious.

There are beautiful sightseeing in Kaui, so if you're not too tired, try these!

{Waimea Canyon}

6. Hike
Waimea Canyon - Grand canyon of Kauai.  I was so tired while pregnant but still wanted to get out and move around.  So if you're looking for a really EASY hike (more of a walk with amazing views) you can walk on the Pihea trail, which is in between the 8 and 9 mile marker.  After that you can continue to the top, Pu'u O Kila overlook/view point where you can find the most gorgeous views and perfect spot for photos.  There is a little fruit/snack stand where you can grab a snack as well if you're tired from all that "hiking."

7. Wailua Falls
For a fun day activity you can take a drive to see Wailua falls which is an impressive double-tiered waterfall.  You can just park right on the side of the road for a stunning view point (no hiking required!)

8. Shopping in town
A couple of the days we would head into the town of Waimea. There is a short and cute street sprinkled with modern boutiques and souvenir shops.  Plus you have an excuse to get a JoJo's shaved ice.

9. Helicopter tour
We didn't end up doing this because it was expensive, but it was on our itinerary.  We both regretted it.  We will definitely add it to our next Kauai trip but I wanted to mention it since it is an exciting and adventurous activity that is safe during pregnancy.

Because Kauai.  Nuf said!

10. Pool
I really enjoyed our hotel.  We booked a room on the first floor that outlooked the pool.  It was amazing to just walk out and right into the water.  Since the weather can be/was a bit stormy in the morning we would do an activity and lunch and then by 2-3pm the sun would come out and it was pool and beach time!  Learn from us: on the first day we made the mistake of b-lining it to the pool first thing and it rained on us.


11. Princeville
 If you're not staying on the North side of the island it's worth the drive to see the amazing landscape.  They have beautiful beaches with an amazing cliffside backdrop.  We stopped at the St. Regis hotel and went for a walk on their beach. 

Queens Bath
I really wanted to go to Queens bath (it looks GORGEOUS). There are mixed reviews about going while pregnant.  After further research we decided it was too risky. I will have to wait till next time to feature that gem on instagram!

{My absolute favorite baby book}
12. Poipu Beach
This was our favorite go-to beach which is right in front of Ko'a Kea hotel.  The water is crystal-clear and the sand is soft. Check and check.

We really had an amazing time on our babymoon.  If you go there too, I hope you have a fantastic and memorable trip and, as Maui says, you're welcome! 
(what?  Am I the only fan of Moana?)

Something to Smile About

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have the world’s most sensitive teeth.  I've had a cavity filled in almost every tooth in my mouth! With so much sensitivity I gave up on teeth whitening a while ago.  I've used whitening strips in the past but they caused my teeth to legit hurt.  The pain was just not worth it!  But after a few years of my sliiiight addiction to coffee and wine (thanks Isla!) my smile has been looking a tad worn down.

Lately I have been noticing other people’s white smiles and how pretty they look in pictures and in real life. I’ve had a case of smile envy. So when Smile Brilliant asked if I would review their whitening teeth system specifically made for sensitive teeth I jumped at the occasion and was really excited to try it out.

I received a kit in the mail and first had to make my teeth impressions.  It was quite fun actually! I felt like I worked at a dentist office and my hubby helped time me!  The whole process took about 10 minutes -super quick.  Then I sent the impressions in the envelope they provided and dropped them in the mail.

Shortly after that, I got my trays, which I have to say is my favorite part of the system.  I was so used to whitening strips-they’re messy, they slide around and you feel like you've ingested most of the gel by the end of it all.  These trays keep everything in place and are super comfortable!  I would just pop them in at the end of the day while we relaxed and watched our favorite shows, hi The Night Of. You have to keep them in for a minimum of 45 minutes.  They include a desensitizing gel and it works perfectly. I never felt a thing.

Since my teeth are super sensitive I opted to do every other day and it worked out brilliantly! My teeth are visibly whiter already, after only seven sessions.



I would definitely recommend this to people with sensitive teeth, it's so worth it!  My husband’s dying to get his system ordered too! Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to offer my readers 5% off their order, if you'd like to check them out here.  Use code somethinginspiredblog5 or somethinginspiredblog15 for an additional $15 off trays.

Brilliant Smile is giving one lucky reader a whitening system kit.  So if your smile needs a little update enter here! Good luck!
*Giveaway is open for two weeks. They MUST enter through the link to be counted.  Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents*

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