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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We officially took our first professional family photos this last November.  I was so excited and basically created a vision board with all my holiday family photo ideas.  I envisioned matching mommy and me pine crowns and sweet moments of Isla perched perfectly on my hip, foreheads touching while Jon looked at us lovingly.  This is not what happened.

Things got wrong the second we stepped foot in the pretty tree grove.  Isla panicked when the long grass touched her.  She's very finicky when things get "stuck to her." Then, to make matters worse, the onslaught of attention and camera immediately had her in tears. She didn't want either of us to pick her up or hold her hand.  And the more I stressed, the more Isla cried, probably picking up on my anxious vibes.  As for those matching pine crowns...not a chance! It's not every day we shell out money for something like this and all I could think was, what a waste!
However thanks to our talented -and patient!- photographer we got back so many sweet and beautiful shots.  While I don't think we have a photo with ALL of us smiling.  We definitely captured the day and the spirit of our little family.

{Me, desperately trying to make her wear her crown}

{My favorite shot of the day}

We definitely have a few framers.  This is my favorite shot of the day.  I chose to have it mounted on the most beautiful 100% bamboo wood from and it turned out gorgeous!  The natural wood grains appear through the high definition printing and it came ready to hang.  It's our first family photo in the house and I'm sticking it right in our living room, even if they say you shouldn't, I don't care, it's too pretty not to be seen. offers other super cool alternatives to print on--like glass, planked wood, or even metal!  In the end having a sweet picture of our family hanging in our home was worth allll the meltdowns and stress. is offering my readers Buy 1 print get 3 Free! You can find the offer here.

For future reference (that is, if I can convince Jon to do this again), do you have any tips for taking photos with toddlers?  I'd love to hear!

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